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The Kapoeta Diogenite and Dar al Gani 476 Martian meteorites
These glass microscope slide thin sections are made from stone meteorites that are ground and polished to a point where light easily passes through them (ideally about 30 microns). When viewed between two crossed polarizing filters, the different minerals can produce brilliant colors. Thin sections are used to help identify the makeup and structure of meteorites.

Four different Martian meteorites

GemOro Elite 1030 Microscope
at 30x
with polarizing adaptor

Cannon PowerShot A4000 IS

These photos were taken with a compact digital camera
through the eyepiece of gemstone microscope

I don't get sharp edge to edge focus
but with a relatively inexpensive set up,
these are the results

Image brightness lowered
No color adjustments


Tata, Morocco
Fell July 18, 2011
Martian Shergottite



Fell October 3, 1962
Martian Shergottite



NWA 7397
North West Africa
Found 2012
Martian Shergottite



DaG 476
Dar al Gani, Sahara
Found May 1, 1998
Martian Shergottite



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